Harris Teeter Super Duper Double Deals 02/17

February 21, 2010

Double Double through lines and trouble…. It may have required manager assitance but I extended my goal of scoring free items from Harris Teeter by scouring the 4 buggies of clearance items at the front of the store. I got some Nyquil Allergy Multi-Symptom, Oragel, maylox, Vicks loxenges, Vicks cold medicine, and then I used the buy 2 vicks get any puffs free coupon to get a free puffs. NOTE: It does not stipulate which size nor which kind so I got the big box of Puffs with Lotion (I love the Vicks ones but my Harris Teeter doesn’t carry them.) The lady who assists self checkout at the first store I went to had no problem, she just called the manager to override since the item comes up as discount not as its’ exact name. The cashier at the second location said no and I nicely asked if she could double check. The manager had no problem at all. Also the Edge .75 coupon does work on the trial size which makes it free too! I get the warm fuzzies just thinking of all the great deals I got  SO FAR this week 🙂


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